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Excitement on farm.

Jaguar Tessa and Raynays Electrofyre welcomed their new little girl 7/16/2018 at 18lbs.

I decided to register her as “Electofyre’s Elevation” her farm name is Ellie.

Also, Jetarima is confirmed pregnant with BRKRD Maxamus. he is a Medium Fawn/Full Peruvian. His density of 84.29 is the most dense Suri ever measured at the time of report. He has won several championships. To many to list here.
What an amazing boy!


Ellie at one day old

Minnie on Blaze

I offer alpaca tours, pony rides and there is a gift shop too.

I have lots of fun with the folks that visit. The smiles on the children’s faces while riding the pony or feeding them carrots is so sweet. Then the visitors can go in the fence to be with the alpacas. The alpacas are curious by nature. So, they will walk right up to you. Usually, at this point I will start answering any questions you may have. This is my favorite part of the tour. I love to educate folks about these amazing animals. Example : did you know alpacas drink Gatorade.

Only open weekends and by appointment only! 919-625-3720


In the beginning I was blessed with two precious grandchildren. First there was Minnie then Roland came along. I decided that I wanted to move where I had property for ponies,chickens, dogs, cats etc.like the farm that I grew up on when I was a youngster. So, I sold my home in Raleigh and bought a six acre farm in Burlington NC. and named it Minro Acres after my grandchildren. I love the old farm house style home. There is a beautiful old barn out back I had painted red. The property has been cleared so there is plenty of room for my my animals. In the summer the grass is so green and luscious with huge trees that must be hundreds of years old. I Purchased two ponies Blaze and Misty Blue for the grandchildren. Then, I wondered, “what to do with the rest of the land?” I knew working a full time job I would not have time for a garden. So, I researched what type of livestock uses the least amount land. Up popped Alpacas. The adventure began. I started visiting alpaca farms in the area to get an idea about them. The last alpaca farm on my list to visit. I met a wonderful lady named Candy from Raynay Alpacas. She had a wealth of information about the business and after talking with her. I decided that this is what I wanted to do. So, I purchased some alpacas with impeccable genetics from her and now looking forward to an exciting future with these amazing animals.